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16 dicembre 2010


#barbera2 will be a journey across the Barbera vine and wines emerging from the different terroir.

10 Barberas will be protagonists of an unbiased tasting event, including 5 Barbera from Piemonte region (Italy) and 5 from North America.

It is a great honor for me to introduce today Mr. Paul Cattrone, winemaker in Walnut Creek, California, owner of the Paul D Cattrone Wines. Paul, well known on Twitter as @pdcwines, enthusiastically accepted to take part in the #Barbera2 event.

Paul started making wine with his father Gary in 1996; the quality quickly improved and they were soon making 1 ton small lots of award winning wines. In 2006 the Paul D Cattrone Wines, aka PDC Wines, was officially born; currently, the total production amounts to 200 cases of wine per year.

Barbera became part of Paul’s production in 2000. How did it happen? Let’s ask Paul.

Paul, what drove you to experience the winemaking of the Barbera grape variety?

I simply fell in love with Barbera, persuaded by alluvial flow soils of the Lodi AVA which show best the fruit forward character of the Barbera grape. Lodi is a prime grape growing region for varieties like Barbera, which benefit from hot days and cool night. There are efforts underway in the Lodi AVA to grow grapes for quality over quantity and raise the standard of wines made from the fruit of the region. I consider myself lucky to be working with some of the regions best growers- some of which have been part of my extended family for many generations.

What do you think about the use of oak in Barbera winemaking? Do you use it?

I am a firm believer in aging Barbera in oak, specifically Hungarian one. I believe that vanillin and mouthfeel components imparted by Hungarian oak help balance and enhance the grapes acidity, making a great food friendly wine.

I am quite curious about the huge diffusion of the Barbera vine almost all over the world; in your opinion, is it due to its strength and toughness or is it coming into fashion?

In California, Barbera IS making a renaissance. It is an approachable wine and one which adapts to and promotes the terroir its grown in. I am ecstatic to be one of the producers of this ‘dear to my heart’ variety.

Thanks a lot, Paul, and see you in Italy in May, we look forward to it!

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